(The Stinger Cocktail)

* Available at Tox Bar Only

Microneedling is a method of inducing a controlled injury to the skin’s dermal and epidermal junction which induces growth factors, new collagen, and elastin.  This process causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling, lasers or any other ablative treatment, and is much more cost effective!

This cosmetic procedure repeatedly punctures the skin with tiny needles to help induce new collagen formation, growth factors, minimize the appearance of scars, and elastin production.

  • One Microneedling session: $300
  • Buy a series of 3: $750
  • Add a retinol peel (recommended only after you have had at least one microneedling session):  $50-$100

* Post care kit sold separately

Collagen P.I.N Flight (ask for details or info can be found on our menu): $1000

  • Includes: 4 microneedling sessions
  • one 4% retinol peel
  • one 8% retinol peel
  • one trichloroacetic peel
  • Post care kit included with price

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

(The Bloody Mary Cocktail)

* Available at Tox Bar Only

Most commonly known at the “Vampire Facial.”

This is similar to the microneedling procedure, but we microneedle your own platelets into your skin. You will provide a blood sample that is spun down and separated the platelets from the red blood cells producing the PRP solution. This is then microneedled into the face and scalp.  

Pricing: $800 per session

Series of 3 sessions: $2000

Used to treat:

Fine lines and wrinlkes

Augment the cheeks

Decrease nasolabial folds

Fill in acne scars

Decreases pores and improves the orange peel appearance of the skin

Promotes hair growth in balding areas of the scalp

Helps control Rosacea


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