The ultimate wordsmith of our time, Dr. Suess, once said, 

“If you never did you should. 

These things are fun and fun is good!” 


Fun is good, isn’t it? And, when the fun that you find is good for your mind… it’s the best kind to find!

If we take Dr. Suess’ words to heart, (and possibly we could remove the rhyming part?)

If we take Dr. Suess’ words seriously— ask yourself, have you tried something new recently? Stepped out of your lane and taken a different exit in an attempt to discover something that gives you a spark?

ToxBar is that something new. 

ToxBar is that spark for you! (no seriously, enough with the rhyming!)


ToxBar is brand new boutique that combines the personalized attention of a department store beauty counter with the effervescent fun of a trendy new cocktail bar! Owned and operated by the same mother and daughter duo that brought you Bubbles and Botox, ToxBar offers a unique perspective on neurotoxin and dermafiller injections. It’s new, it’s inviting, it’s exciting, and after your first visit, we promise you will have an extra bounce in your step!


Think of your favorite place to order a special drink…you might know the bartender? You might know their signature cocktails? You might know what drink really hits the spot, whether it be sticky sweet, earthy, floral, woodsy… the world of cocktails is endless and enticing! And so it is with the offerings at ToxBar, only, our ‘bartenders’ are the most knowledgeable around, offering the perfect ‘cocktail’ suggestions to you and your guests. Emily, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, and Tracy, a Registered Nurse, both have extensive training in the assessment, consultation, and procedures involved regarding injecting neurotoxins and dermafillers. 


When you arrive at ToxBar, pull up a seat, grab one of our menus and start exploring your options. If you have an appointment, it’s likely you will know the direction you want to take with your visit. If you are a walk-in customer, which ToxBar always accepts, our knowledgeable staff will help guide you in the right selection. And, as you will find in any ‘good’ bar, if you don’t like what you see on the menu, we’ll carefully handcraft the right recipe for you. 


Maintaining your beauty regimen just became infinitely easier…with ToxBar, you can pop in on any Tuesday or Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., quickly receive the treatment you desire, and you’ll be on your way! Add ToxBar to your list of errands—it will be the most satisfying errand you ever run! If you prefer, you can book an appointment, and not risk the wait time of a walk-in situation.


ToxBar’s location is perfect for a ‘park and play.’ No need to drive from one thing to the other, in downtown Ft. Mitchell, KY, you can park in one spot and walk to several shops, restaurants, and other fun Ft. Mitchell experiences. Make a day out of it with a friend!? Consider a gift certificate for your mom or sister this Christmas… lunch out and then a pop into ToxBar! 


ToxBar is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to increase their beauty routine but aren’t sure where to begin. Let Emily and Tracy, owners of Bubbles and Botox, guide you to choosing the right ‘cocktail’ while you sit back, relax, and let the stresses of your everyday life melt away. Pamper yourself this season by trying something new; ToxBar is for YOU!