So many of us are spending more time ‘in’ than ‘out’ lately, right? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we as a society are isolating and staying safe by intentionally living into ‘alone time.’ This time can reasonably create a mix of emotions, ranging from contentement to fear to gratefulness to stir-craziness! During this time, self-care is so important to maintain and promote healthy mental and physical well-being. Pausing to do things for yourself is important and necessary; when your ‘cup is full’ then, and only then, can you begin to turn outward and do acts of kindness and ‘fill others; cups.’ 


One way to self-care is to plan for the future! Celebrations, vacations, home-improvement projects, and, maybe some additions to your personal beautification routine? We are excited to announce that Bubbles & Botox, serving Northern Kentucky and Louisville,  is now offering FREE virtual consultations! Now, from the comfort of your home, we can video chat about the future YOU! It’s time to invest in yourself and the best way to start is by entering into a relationship and conversation with experts! 


Through the technological medium of Telehealth, Tracy or Emily, owners and operators of Bubbles & Botox, will provide a personal consultation to you. In a 10-15 minute video teleconference, you will discuss a personalized treatment plan that can begin in the near future. Bubbles and Botox will tailor a plan based on your budget and beauty goals, making sure all your needs are addressed and assessed!


During your Telehealth consultation, Tracy and Emily can talk to you about injectables such as dermal fillers and neurotoxins, microneedling, PRP facials, or skin care products. Don’t worry if you are new to these treatments, Tracy and Emily are well-known for their ability to make all clients feel at ease! You will learn more about your options as well as get to know what Bubbles & Botox is all about!