Here at Bubbles and Botox, we’re all about helping you keep a youthful appearance, but that doesn’t mean going all the way back to your acne ridden awkward years! If this pandemic season has you regularly wearing masks for long periods of time to stop the spread of COVID-19, mask acne, or maskne can be causing your skin to act up. And if you, like many right now, are spending a lot of time doing video conferencing, blemishes are the last thing you want showing up to your meetings!

So what can you do about it? 

First, it’s important to know how it happens. Breathing and talking into our masks makes them hot and humid, just the right combination for yeast, bacteria, and naturally occurring skin mites to grow. Yuck! Combine that with the extra stress of navigating life in many new and different ways and your skin is primed for breakouts!

While it might seem like a good idea to put anything extra on your face under the mask, a very fine application of lotion or sunscreen can help to limit friction between your skin and the mask and form a barrier against irritation.

Also, be sure to change your mask frequently, especially when working up a sweat. And make friends with a quality fragrance-free detergent, washing it twice and drying it in the dryer to eliminate irritants even further.

If you already have maskne? Be sure your skin care routine includes a good foaming cleanser. And if your skin needs an extra boost, take a shot! A Bull Shot, that is! Available for purchase in our online store, this product is a convenient, portable roll-on spot treatment combines benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to help reduce blemishes.

Have more questions? Are your video conferences making you notice other ways your face is showing stress? Contact Emily and Tracy of Bubbles and Botox for a different type of video chat, a virtual consult where they can help you with solutions to get your feeling and looking your best.

Original Source Content: Cleveland Clinic