Have you been seeing ads or posts for cheap Botox deals? We mean Botox for $9-10/unit. Even $12/unit can raise some eyebrows (no pun intended). So,what is the deal? This blog will explain the reasons that a provider would offer such an ‘amazing’ promos.

First and formost, if your Botox is that cheap,  it’s likely that it’s imported from overseas, not FDA-approved, and in some cases not even real (AKA ‘faux-tox’). It’s a sad reality, but some providers do try to save money by ordering Botox from overseas. Actual Botox comes from Allergan in the U.S. on dry ice and with an authenic label. What you’re getting with most of these ‘cheap’ deals, is not usually the real product. They hook you with the deal, but when you get there, instead of seeing that purple and white Botox vial, yours is blue and white or some other variation. These types of providers will tell you that you are getting Botox or use terms like ‘generic Botox’ (no such thing) and actually inject you with an alternate product instead.

Their practice is dead, and instead of listening to crickets chirping or braiding each others hair, they decide to create a sweet deal to bring in business. Buyer beware! If you can walk in and get Botox, then run Forrest, run. Daily deal sites really should make you think twice, as these sites are taking a piece of the pie so they just want to sell as many as possible. They don’t check the credentials of the providers or authenticity of the product you are getting; their goal is to sell a lot of cheap deals in high-volume and make a large profit. As for the practices, their goal is to get you in for an appointment and then upsell you on other services you don’t want and may not even need. Even worse, you most likely will end up with an inexperienced provider – busy practitioners don’t advertise on Groupon. They don’t have to, they’re already busy. Bad Botox will last 3-4 months and most of the time it can’t be fixed so you have to wait it out. Worst case scenario? Some damage is irreversible. New injectors just want to get their hands wet and will offer too good to be true deals. Sometimes you will even get a Botox party invite, which should really raise your brows. Botox is an elective cosmetic medical procedure that should only be performed by an experienced licensed doctor or nurse in a sterile medical setting.

Beware of any provider who does Botox as a ‘side gig’.  They have a real job and just want some extra cash (but are obviously not great at math because between the cost and supplies they don’t make enough to pay rent and need a side gig). We see this all the time. Providers get certified as a way to have a little slush fund. No passion for aesthetics, no specialized training or continuing education, and most importantly, no artistic eye. If your providers is not doing this all day, every day then they are rusty.

They water down the Botox. This one is a bit confusing because Botox comes in a powdered form and all providers have to mix it with Saline to reconstitute it. In such cases it doesn’t matter what the reconstitution is, a unit = a unit. But unethical providers will add more saline and give you half the dose. We have seen this in our practice. New clients come in and tell us they usually get 60-70 units. It seems like a lot so we treat them with half the dose and they get a better outcome.

The practice of overtreatment. Giving you more than you need to make money. You walk around completely expressionless for 4-months.

In summary, don’t be fooled by the lure of a cheap deal. Do your homework and invest in your face. It’s the best accessory you own. Find an expert and value their education, training and time. Don’t forget they are also employing a team to give you the best customer expericence. And if you do opt for the cheap deal, please ask a lot of questions, look at the vial and keep your fingers crossed.

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